Director Dr. J. M. Hude
BCS, MCM, MPhil, PhD
Director Of APIMR

"To satisfy the ambition of youth force who wants to lead the nation towards prosperity through techno-economic development."

Mission :

  • -To commit APIMR to deliver a superior education through its team of professional faculty with highest academic qualifications holding relevant industry experience.
  • -To dedicate all the available resources of APIMR world-wide for the preparation of students in the fields of business administration.
  • -To encourage students to aim high and develop their unique potentials so they may rapidly become productive members of their community and society.

-To respond to the needs of our students through dedicated administrative services, advising, tutoring, and mentoring.


Goal :

-To provide up-to-date educational programs that enable students to think critically.

-To prepare students to demonstrate competence in their chosen field of study.

-To motivate excellence in student learning.

-To develop educational programs to meet the needs of our global student community.

-To respond to the modern challenges that exists in our dynamic world.

-To encourage entrepreneurship by providing and supporting research activities.

-• To provide leadership and planning for future development.