Faculty and Staff


All our courses are lectured by highly respected professionals who can offer you an invaluable and practical insight to the world of finance through their many years of experience.

Our faculty members pursuing Ph. D's in their area of specialization, in addition to they have good professional experience each. The list of the professors for the current semester is as follows.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of members of the APIMR faculty of business:



Dr. Jitendra Hude

BCS, MCM, MPhil, Phd

Core Faculty


Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Dayanand Surwade Associate Professor B. Com, MCM, PhD
2 Dr. Dhananjay Pingale Associate Professor B.Com, MBA (HR), Ph.D
3 Prof. Vishvajit Thigale Assistance Professor B.Sc., MBA (HRM & IT)
4 Prof. Anita Lohot Assistance Professor B.Com, MBA (Finance)
5 Prof. Mahesh Bomble Assistance Professor B.Com, MBA (IBM, HR,Marketing & Finance)
6 Prof. Mayur Chikhale Assistance Professor B.A, MBA (Marketing)
7 Prof. Amit Ghotane Assistance Professor B.A, MBA (Marketing)
8 Prof. Sonali Walase Assistance Professor B.Pharm, MBA (HRM)
9 Prof. Ashwini Devkate Assistance Professor B.C.A., MBA (Finance)


Associate/Visiting/Guest Faculty


Mr. Dipak Solanki Prof. Prasad Bhat Dr.S.D.Doke
B.Sc. MBA (OR) B.Com,A.C.A) MIS Consultant


Prof. Rajesh Agarawal Prof. Sandip Thorat Prof. Narayan Ratri
B.Sc,MBA, Ph.D M.B.S MBA (Finance)


Non-Teaching Staff


Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Miss. Asmita Patil Librarian
2 Mr. Manoj Gadage Office Superintendents
3 Mrs. Mugdha Kale Accountant
4 Mr. Ram Lande Peon
5 Mrs.Anita Hule Peon
6 Mrs. Sunita Lande Peon