Course Pattern


Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is two years fulltime course approved by AICTE New, DTE Mumbai, and Govt. of Maharashtra & Affiliated /recognized by the S. P. Pune University, Comprises of four Semesters and adopt the choice based credit system (CBCS) with grading system. Its gives vide rang of choice for students to adopt subject courses based on their attitude & career goals

APIMR strictly follow the Revised Syllabus of MBA "Revised Pattern 2016" as per the guideline of Savitribai Phule Pune University. MBA is 2 Years Full Time (4 Semester) Post Graduation Degree Programme.

(Objective of MBA)

1. To equip the students with requisite knowledge, skills & right attitude necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment.

2. To develop competent management professionals with strong ethical values, capable of assuming a pivotal role in various sectors of the Indian Economy & Society, aligned with the national priorities.

3. To develop proactive thinking so as to perform effectively in the dynamic socio-economic and business ecosystem.

Generic Core Courses

Semester I

101-Accounting for Business Decision

104-Business Research Methods

102-Economic Analysis for Business Decisions

105-Organizational Behavior

103-Legal Aspects of Business

106-Basics of Marketing


Semester II

201-Marketing Management

204-Decision Science

202-Financial Management

205-Operations & Supply Chain Management

203-Human Resource Management

206-Management Information Systems


Semester III

301-Strategic Management

304-Summer Internship Projects

302-Enterprise Performance Management

305-As per Specialization

303-Startup and New Venture Management

306-As per Specialization

Semester IV

401-Managing for Sustainability

404-As per Specialization


405-As per Specialization

403-As per Specialization

406-As per Specialization

For Semester III, two generic electives and two core electives subject are to be chosen. And for Semester IV, 4 generic electives and 2 core elective subjects are to be chosen. For detail please contact:-



In second year, a student shall select a specialization, from following functional areas:-

1. Marketing Management(MKT)

2. Financial Management(FIN)

3. Information Technology Management(IT)

4. Operations Management (OPE)

5. Human Resource Management (HR)

6. International Business Management (IB)

7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

8. Rural & Agribusiness Management (RABM)

9. Family Business Management (FBM)

10. Technology Management (TM)

11. Banking and Insurance Management (BIM)

12. Healthcare Management (HM)

13. Entrepreneurship Development (ED)

14. Services Management (SM)

15. Retail Management (RM)

16. Digital Media & Communication Marketing(MC)

17. Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)

18. Defence Management (DM)